Matrix Visual has state of the art LED technology and the production support to make your next concert a huge success. With thousands of hours of experience working with production companies on live events, our crew can work with you to create a unique viewing opportunity that blends perfectly your vision and the venue. Our superior technology, unmatched scalability, and local on-site engineers guarantee a flawless event of any size.

Corporate & Tradeshows

Production technology has become a major part of delivering a successful event. Matrix Visual has all the LED and other production technology to guarantee that your event is not only cutting edge, but impressive in its own right. We can work with your team to help develop presentations that deliver your company’s focused message. No matter the size of the event, we guarantee unprecedented service, support, and superior visuals.

Special Events

Events are opportunities to create a lasting impact. When creating a stand-out event is the ultimate goal, Matrix Visual is here to help! Whether it is a film premiere, gala, fundraiser or wedding, Matrix Visual has every resource available to partner with you to execute a unique, successful and memorable experience.


The use of LED panels and video walls in the Worship Industry has flourished recently and become the preferred way to enhance a congregation’s worship experience. Matrix Visual has all the latest state of the art LED panels and production services to fit the need of every space, and we are dedicated to helping you find the right fit for your congregation’s home.

Use the power of modern LED technology to help you with your event production needs. Contact Matrix Visual today!


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