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Discover our new Las Vegas location, where cutting-edge technology meets convenience. LED and Las Vegas are so often used in the same sentence that you will rarely find pictures of one without the others. This incredible piece of real estate, in the middle of the Nevada desert has been home to the latest in entertainment for decades. As the world slowly adopts new technology, you can be certain that this technology has been used in Las Vegas for many years already.

Our facility boasts a state-of-the-art LED repair department, a spacious quality control station, and a purpose-built showroom to showcase the latest advancements in LED technology. Situated for easy access, the location is strategically positioned near the 1-15 Freeway through Silverado Ranch Road and the 1-215 Freeway via Decatur Boulevard. Nestled between the vibrant Summerlin and Henderson residential communities, it’s a hub that marries innovation with accessibility.

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Cycling Inventory

Technology moves at such a speed that we periodically cycle our inventory to keep our LED state of the art.

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LED panels are designed to turn an LED display into a problem solver, not a problem maker.

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Our multiple offices allow us to drive down shipping cost and open our inventory to the largest hubs in the country.

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