Image of LED technician with LED Panel

The Connection Between Manufacturers and The Stage

Matrix Visual’s Technical team meets with top manufacturers on a regular basis to asses technology, and provide constructive feedback that will in-term drive the growth of the LED market. By involving our team in observing and commenting on new technology, our LED Technicians are experts in, current state of the art LED practices, and most importantly in technology that is yet to go on the market.

The Best in The Business

Our team of technicians are “problem solvers” and know how to work with the other teams on site to completely and seamlessly integrate LED into a larger event. Matrix’s on-site engineers are highly skilled, trained in complete AV, technical and LED service and are there to make sure that everything runs smoothly once we hit the ground.

Permanent LED Installation

If your panel purchase is intended to stay put for a long time, we can help with that, too. Matrix Visual has experience doing fixed installation for houses of worship, storefronts, and outdoor signage.

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Technical Support

Not only do our LED Technicians know how to pull off amazing events week-in week-out, they are also there to help each other and answer any of our client’s technical questions. Every event gets approved and supervised by our technical team, and if something happen on-site, our techs have an army of premiere support to make sure every event is executed perfectly.

Image of LED technicians with LED Panel
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Cycling Inventory

Technology moves at such a speed that we periodically cycle our inventory to keep our LED state of the art.

Solution Driven

LED panels are designed to turn an LED display into a problem solver, not a problem make.

Strategic Presence

Our multiple offices allow us to drive down shipping cost and open our inventory to the largest hubs in the country.