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Matrix Visual Solutions offers the highest grade of LED panels, combined with a simple and effective rental process.

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Not just products… It’s about solutions


Our long term relationships with top manufacturers, allow us to sample upcoming LED prototypes, and offer our expert opinion to keep LED at the peak of what is possible.


From musicians, to videographers, and event organizers; our team is made up of all sorts of people who have a sincere passion for event production and entertainment.


LED panels do not work in a vacuum. they need the proper rigging, processing, power, and technical expertise to work at their full capability. If it’s not in-house, we have the relationships to make it happen!

The Brain Behind The Machine

LED panels aren’t the only ones doing the work, they need matching processors to control the visual display.

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A Reputation That Speaks

We let our customers speak for us. After all, they are the reason for our success.



Small Pixels For Crisp Visuals

Small pixel pitch & high-refresh rate for optimal indoor and up close visual display. 1.8mm to 3.9mm, when details and simplicity are required for your venue, opt for our large choices of indoor LED panels.


Bright & Waterproof

No matter the requirements, our broad assortment of outdoor LED panels is available to supply your every need. Blow through designs, weatherproof, we are sure to have the expertise with staging your next outdoor event.


Shake Up The Conventions

When a flat wall gets overdone, you need the option to break through the noise. LED floors, cylinders, cubes & ceilings are excellent ways to enhance your activation. Time to stand out from the crowd

Cycling Inventory

Technology moves at such a speed that we periodically cycle our inventory to keep our LED state of the art.

Solution Driven

LED panels are designed to turn an LED display into a problem solver, not a problem make.

Strategic Presence

Our multiple offices allow us to drive down shipping cost and open our inventory to the largest hubs in the country.