ROE Black Pearl – 2.8mm

Product Description

Introducing the ROE BLACK PEARL – 2.8MM: Elevate your visual endeavors with this cutting-edge LED display. With a pixel pitch of 2.8mm, it delivers unmatched clarity and vibrant colors, perfect for various indoor events and installations. Its sleek design and advanced technology ensure seamless setup and captivating visual experiences. Illuminate your creativity with the ROE BLACK PEARL – 2.8MM, where innovation meets exceptional performance.

Whether you’re hosting corporate presentations, art exhibitions, or live performances, this display’s versatility and high-quality visuals are sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Its seamless integration and user-friendly interface allow you to effortlessly tailor the display to your content and event requirements. Get ready to set the stage for impactful and unforgettable visual displays with the ROE BLACK PEARL – 2.8MM. Explore our client work to see our products in action.

Technical Details:

  1. Processor: Brompton
  2. Dimensions: 500×500
  3. Tile frames made of magnesium alloy
  4. Each module within a panel stores calibration and operating parameters separately
  5. True to content effects are displayed with high refresh rates, great color processing, and outstanding contrast ratios



Pixel Pitch 2.8mm
Panel Size W500mm×H500mm×D90mm
Contrast 5000:1
Processor Brompton

Additional information

Weight 20.72 lbs
Dimensions 3.54 × 19.69 × 19.69 in