ROE Carbon CB5 – 5.7mm

Product Description

Experience the cutting-edge evolution of visual technology with the ROE Carbon CB5 – 5.7mm LED display. This exceptional display redefines the boundaries of clarity and detail, captivating audiences with its immersive visual prowess. With an ultra-fine pixel pitch of 5.7mm, the CB5 delivers remarkable image quality that remains crisp and vibrant even at close viewing distances, making it an ideal choice for diverse applications such as corporate presentations, live events, and artistic installations.

Backed by advanced color calibration and Black LED technology, the CB5 ensures true-to-life colors and deep contrasts, resulting in visuals that command attention and leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re aiming to transform a space into an immersive visual experience or seeking to elevate your content delivery, the ROE Carbon CB5 – 5.7mm is your gateway to a realm where innovation meets exceptional performance. Explore our client work to see our products in action.

  1. Processor: Brompton
  2. Dimensions: 600×600 & 600×1200
  3. Ultra-lightweight carbon
  4. Touring frame for mixed and heavy use
  5. Indoor/outdoor versatility
  6. Convex or concave curve options
  7. Half panel option

Options: Touring Cart, Air Frames, T4 – Touring Frames



Pixel Pitch 5.7mm
Panel Size W600m×H1200mm×D77mm
Brightness 6000 nits
Contrast 5000:1

Additional information

Weight 30.64 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 23.6 × 47.2 in