ROE Carbon CB5 – 5.7mm


Experience cutting-edge visual technology with the ROE Carbon CB5 – 5.7mm LED display. Redefining clarity and detail, it captivates with immersive visual prowess. With an ultra-fine 5.7mm pixel pitch, it delivers crisp, vibrant images for various applications. Backed by advanced color calibration and Black LED technology, it ensures true-to-life colors and deep contrasts. Whether transforming spaces or elevating content delivery, the CB5 delivers innovation and exceptional performance. Explore our client work for real-world examples.

  1. Processor: Brompton
  2. Dimensions: 600×600 & 600×1200
  3. Ultra-lightweight carbon
  4. Touring frame for mixed and heavy use
  5. Indoor/outdoor versatility
  6. Convex or concave curve options
  7. Half panel option
  1. • Pixel Pitch : 5.7 mm
  2. • Panel Size : W600mm × H1200mm × D77mm
  3. • Brightness : 6000 nits
  4. • Contrast : 5000:1
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