ROE Carbon CB8 – 8.3mm


Ideal for dynamic presentations, live events, and creative installations with its ultra-fine pixel pitch. The modular design ensures seamless setup, while advanced color calibration and Black LED technology deliver exceptional accuracy and deep contrasts. Redefining visual excellence, the CB5 sets a new standard for immersive environments and impactful content, transforming audience connections.

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Processor: Evision / Brompton
Dimensions: 600×600 & 600×1200
Design Features: Blowthrough design for added creativity, touring frame for mixed and heavy use, indoor/outdoor versatility, convex or concave curve options, half panel option
Additional Options: Touring Cart, Air Frames, T4 – Touring Frames

  1. • Pixel Pitch : 8.3mm
  2. • Panel Size : W600mm×H1200mm×D77mm
  3. • Brightness : 5000 nits
  4. • Contrast : 5000:1

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