ROE Carbon CB8 – 8.3mm

Product Description

  1. Ultra-Lightweight – The carbon fiber frame, and slim depth design of  77mm, allow these panels to be an ultra-lightweight solution that saves on cost, and increases the safety of very large hanging screens.
  2.  Indoor/Outdoor – The Carbon CB8 panels are perfect for indoor/outdoor use. They come with an IP65 rating, deep contrast capability, and can operate at up to 6000 nits for outdoor use. Versatility is key, and Carbon is the industry leader in multi-purpose productions.
  3.  Half-Panel Option –  We manufacture half-panels of the CB8 at 600mmx600mm, compared to the standard 600mmx1200mm,  which allow the panels to create customized corners and edges.
  4.  Curve Options – The panel’s incredible flexibility allows it to be arranged in both a concave and convex curve depending on your production needs. 10° with video display outdoor and 15° with video display indoor.
  5.  Touring Frame – The Carbon CB8’s touring frames is the same as the one from our Hybrid and Magic Cube lines, giving it increased versatility and the ability to handle heavy application.
Pixel Pitch 8.3mm
Panel Size W600mm×H1200mm×D77mm
Brightness 5000 nits
Contrast 5000:1

Additional information

Weight 27.95 lbs
Dimensions 2.8 × 23.6 × 47.2 in