ROE Carbon CB8 – 8.3mm

Product Description

Introducing the ROE Carbon CB5 – 5.7mm, where precision meets perfection. Elevate your visual experiences with unparalleled clarity and vibrancy. With an ultra-fine pixel pitch, this LED display delivers mesmerizing detail even at close proximity, making it ideal for dynamic presentations, live events, and creative installations.

Designed to be a versatile solution, the CB5 features a modular design that ensures seamless setup and customization. Its advanced color calibration and Black LED technology ensure exceptional color accuracy and deep contrasts, creating visuals that captivate and engage. Whether you’re shaping immersive environments or delivering impactful content, the ROE Carbon CB5 – 5.7mm sets a new standard for visual excellence, reimagining the way you connect with your audience. Explore our client work to see our products in action.

  1. Processor: Evision / Brompton
  2. Dimensions: 600×600 & 600×1200
  3. Blowthrough design for added creativity
  4. Touring frame for mixed and heavy use
  5. Indoor/outdoor versatility
  6. Convex or concave curve options
  7. Half panel option

Options: Touring Cart, Air Frames, T4 – Touring Frames



Pixel Pitch 8.3mm
Panel Size W600mm×H1200mm×D77mm
Brightness 5000 nits
Contrast 5000:1

Additional information

Weight 28.0 lbs
Dimensions 2.8 × 23.6 × 47.2 in