ROE Black Marble Floor – 4.7mm


Experience sophistication and innovation with the ROE Black Marble Floor – 4.7mm. This LED display blends the timeless elegance of black marble with cutting-edge technology, creating captivating visual experiences. The integration of Black Marble technology ensures exceptional contrast levels, bringing pixels to life with stunning realism. Precision-engineered panels create a smooth, uniform surface, adding opulence to any interior. Ideal for concerts, TV studios, and trade shows, this high-end floor panel elevates creativity.

FOR indoor USE
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  1. • ProcessorBrompton
  2. • Dimensions: 609.6 × 609.6mm
  3.  Built with high-contrast glass finish for a strong anti-scratch surface
  4. Equipped with custom floor support for a quick, easy, and creative set up
  5. • 140° angle view for optimal use from close and afar
  1. • Pixel Pitch : 4.7mm
  2. • Panel Size : W609.6mm × L609.6mm × H138mm
  3. • Processor : Brompton
  4.  Brightness : 1,200 nits
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