ROE Carbon CB3 – 3.7mm

The ROE CARBON CB3-3.7MM presents a sleek LED panel with a pixel pitch of 3.7mm, offering ultra-fine clarity and vibrant colors. Its captivating design makes it an ideal choice for indoor spaces.

Product Description

  • Introducing the advanced ROE Carbon CB3 – 3.7mm LED display, purpose-built for evolving visual needs. Moreover, excelling in performance, flexibility, and customization with efficient LED wall construction. Furthermore, its lightweight design suits diverse events, ensuring easy setup and captivating visuals. Elevate experiences with the innovative ROE Carbon CB3 – 3.7mm LED display, blending groundbreaking innovation with practicality. Seamlessly operated through a user-friendly interface, customize it effortlessly. Witness how each pixel brings your vision to life with the ROE Carbon CB3 – 3.7mm LED display. Explore our client work to see our products in action.
    1. Processor: Brompton
    2. Dimensions: 600×600 & 600×1200
    3. Crafted with ultra-lightweight carbon materials for easy portability.
    4. High-resolution capabilities create striking visual displays.
    5. Offers both convex and concave curve options for dynamic setups.
    6. Half panel option provides versatile display layout and design.



Pixel Pitch 3.7mm
Panel Size W600m×H1200mm×D77mm
Brightness 1300nits
Viewing Angle 140°

Additional information

Weight 29.1 lbs
Dimensions 2.76 × 23.62 × 47.24 in