ROE Carbon CB3 – 3.7mm


Introducing the ROE Carbon CB3 – 3.7mm LED display, designed for versatile visual needs. With top-notch performance, flexibility, and easy setup, it enhances any event with captivating visuals. Experience innovation and practicality in one with its user-friendly interface. See your vision come to life pixel by pixel with the ROE Carbon CB3 – 3.7mm LED display.

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  1. • ProcessorBrompton
  2. • Dimensions600m× 600mm× 600mm x 1200 mm
  3.  Crafted with ultra-lightweight carbon materials for easy portability. 
  4.  High-resolution capabilities create striking visual displays. 
  5.  Offers both convex and concave curve options for dynamic setups. 
  6.  Half panel option provides versatile display layout and design.
  1. • Pixel Pitch: 3.7 mm
  2. • Panel Size: W600mm x H1200 mm x D77mm
  3. • Brightness: 1300 nits
  4.  Viewing Angle: 140°
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