Church & Worship Production

Today’s churches and places of worship seek to enhance the overall experience with stunning visual images that attract, inspire, and engage the entire congregation.

Over the last couple years, faith-based production teams have been exploring more and more the capabilities of using LED over projectors for their events, and especially how LED is able to create a unique and immersive experience for your entire congregation. If you are looking to wow and entice your worshippers at your next faith-based event, then why not consider using the best and most immersive equipment available on the market today? With Matrix Visual, you have access not only to first-rate technology but also a team of audio-visual professionals who know how to make the most of it.

The Matrix Visual team understands that faith-based production involves artfully complementing the religious message with outstanding visuals, and that is why they maintain a vast inventory of LED wall displays to provide the range of staging options needed to complement the special demands of your venue. As a full-service custom solutions provider, Matrix will not only supply the A/V equipment you need, they’ll ensure that you can utilize the years of on-site technical experience that their production team has accumulated. They can offer the flexible, cost-effective LED staging solutions that you require in order to put on a truly memorable .

With several of Matrix Visual’s products including the Unilumin Upad III Series, which was recognized by WFX Magazine as New Product of the Year, you can rest assured that the Matrix Visual team will be well aware of the unique environment and requirements of faith-based events, and also that the LED equipment used has been tried and proven to meet the needs of other worship organizations. Whether you are looking to go the extra mile for an upcoming religious holiday, or modernize your spiritual center, Matrix Visual holds the largest inventory and the latest in LED technology, combined with some of the best technicians in the country, so do not hesitate and get in touch!

WFX Award for Product of the Year: Unilumin Upad III

Matrix Visual Specializes in the following faith-based services:

  • Temporary Installations:
    • Enhancing production size for upcoming religious holiday
    • New worship venue opening
    • Vacation Bible School (VBS)
  • Permanent Installations:
    • Amphitheaters
    • Outdoor Display
    • Worship Halls

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LED Sales & Rental

Easily Adoptable Solutions for Both

In the past, Church Technical Directors charged with financial stewardship have opted for projection because LED panels have been traditionally more expensive.  This is no longer true.  Permanent installations have become more affordable and more reliable than ever, helping them pay for themselves rather quickly.  If a temporary solution is all that’s required, Matrix Visual has the most easily adoptable LED Rental process available!



So Easy One Person On Your Team Can Do It

Projection equipment often requires repair, which means employing a technician to visit your church, or sending parts away while they’re being fixed.  LED panels are much more reliable, don’t breakdown as often, and many of them require repair so simple, it can be done by your own team in-house.


Change Your Stage or Give It Curves, With No Tools Required.

To stay relevant and keep things fresh, many churches share a desire for change, and the need for new creative sets as seasons pass, or as Holidays approach.  Until now, a permanent LED installation was exactly that: permanent, and therefore rigid.  Today: versatility, ease of set-up and arrangement are new influences driving the growth of new panel designs.


The Latest Technology That Will Pass The Test of Time

Anytime we buy any device with a screen these days, getting the highest resolution is one of our biggest concerns.  This is also true when purchasing LED panels. With LED panels, however, “resolution” is referred to as “pixel pitch”, which is measured in mm.  The smaller the number, the more crisp and clear the image will be. For Church and Worship production, 3.9mm tend to be the LED panel of choice.


Church Production Magazine

Matrix Visual and owner, Paul Motal, talked to Church Production Magazine about the permanent LED installation at Harvest Irvine, and the benefits of switching to LED display versus staying with projection.

Harvest Irvine

Matrix did a permanent install of LED panels for the Harvest Church of Irvine. They provided 2 LED walls for the church totaling a grand amount of 236 - 5 mm panels.

Desperation Conference

Matrix showcased 100 of their 15 mm LED panels at the Desperation Worship Conference in July 2015. Desperation is an Annual Conference held in Colorado Springs, CO at New Life Church w/6000+ Attendees.

Covenant Church Easter Service

Matrix was hired to provide audio visual equipment for the Easter Service at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX for Covenant Church. Matrix provided 360 - 7 mm LED panels and 4 Barco HDX 18 projectors.

Photo of Lakewood Church Courtesy of Creative Commons.
Source: Transferred from it.wikipedia to Commons.
Author: The original uploader was ToBeDaniel at Italian Wikipedia