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Step into the future, and discover the unique creative capability of LED displays. From curves, cubes, globes, ceilings, anything that you can think of is possible…

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Let Your Creativity Flow. The LED Panels Will Do The Rest


LED panels are known for their visual capabilities. In the last few years however, manufacturers have been developing increasingly interactive products to add a new experiential layer to event production.


Creative tiles let you create towers, columns, archways, interactive floors, cubes, and everything else that your mind can think of.


No need to settle with the three dimensions. LED displays are so versatile that breaking from reality becomes possible.





INFiLED Flex 2.9mm

Bend Creativity Into Shape

The X-Series Flex LED panel takes on the demand for a curved wall, and takes it 10 times further. Cylinders, archways, waves, get ready to be blown away!

Pixel Pitch: 2.9mm

Pixel Density: 168 x 168

Dimension (WxHxD) : 500mm x 500mm x 84mm

Weight: 8.9kg

Refresh Rate: 3840Hz

Processor: Novastar


Unilumin UPADIII Corner 2.6mm

Creativity & Performance

The UPADIII is the standard in high-end low resolution LED panel. This custom corner piece lets you take creativity to the edge.

Pixel Pitch: 2.6mm

Pixel Density: (192 x 192) + (192 x 192)

Dimension (WxHxD): 1000mm x 500mm x 90.6mm

Weight: 18kg

Refresh Rate: 2880Hz

Processor: Novastar


INFiLED Floor 5.9mm

Interactive LED Floor Solution

State of the art LED floor solution with full interactive capability

Pixel Pitch: 5.9mm

Pixel Density: 84 x 84

Dimension (WxHxD): 500mm x 500mm x 85mm

Weight: 16kg

Brightness: 3000 nits

Processor: Novastar


INFiLED Floor 7.8mm

Power & Creativity

The right solution to take your corporate event to the next level. Incorporate an LED flooring solution and take your event to next level.

Pixel Pitch: 7.8mm

Pixel Density: 64 x 64

Dimension (WxHxD): 500mm x 500mm x 85mm

Weight: 16kg

Brightness: 5000 nits

Processor: Novastar


TRT iPoster 2.5mm

The Simple Solution

The smallest pixel pitch available in our inventory for seamless precision, and up close visual excellence.

Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm

Pixel Density: 84 x 112

Dimension (WxHxD): 1902mm x 572mm x 35mm

Weight: 32kg

Brightness: 800 nits

Processor: TRT Processing (on-board)

Cycling Inventory

Technology moves at such speed that we periodically cycle our inventory to keep our LED state of the art.

Solution Driven

LED panels are designed to turn an LED display into a problem solver, not a problem make.

Strategic Presence

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