E3 – the Electronic Entertainment Expo – just concluded its biggest annual conference yet, and Matrix Visual delivered another incredible show of the latest in LED technology. With exhibitors showing off some pretty ambitious presentations and unveiling the latest in gaming, many relied on Matrix Visual to provide LED displays to match. As E3 continues to gain footing with major conventions like Comic Con, the public’s desire for unprecedented graphics and video displays continues to grow – a challenge that’s right in our wheelhouse.


What Is E3?

E3 is the go-to source for the latest developments in gaming across all devices: computers, video consoles, and mobile. Anyone, from software developers, manufacturers, and industry analysts to retailers, may be in attendance to see the latest trends.

This year, ESA (the company that operates E3) took the convention further by rolling out an event that coincides with E3 called E3 Live, geared specifically to gamers, fans, and the general public. With companies like Oculus, Twitch, Warner Bros., and more exhibiting, E3 Live took gaming to the next level by putting fans first and showing them the latest in gaming technology.


Of course there were stunning visual displays to accompany the different exhibitions. With exhibitors showing trailers, gameplay demos, and more, LED indoor panels played a central role in the convention, and, more than ever, are the interface through which buyers and the public decide whether they like a product.

Matrix Visual provided LED indoor displays for some of the biggest exhibitors, including such services as:

  • Three 2 ½ degree curved, concave 13′ x 24′ Unilumin UPAD III 2.6mm LED walls for Main Stage presentations
  • Four 9′ x 6′ Unilumin UPAD III 2.6mm LED walls for game motion graphics advertising and a 100-foot-wide 7mm LED accent wall
  • An HD camera package for live events
  • Flat screen displays for multiple gaming stations
  • Booth lighting packages
  • Theater audio systems
  • A light-up dance floor

The Main Stage LED wall also required achieving very subtle curves that the manufacturer’s typical brackets didn’t support.

Matrix rose to the challenge; creating their own custom degree plates so they could match each and every curve to the exact specification


As the front runner among audio visual production companies in Los Angeles, Matrix Visual supplied LED panels for rent to some of the foremost event organizers from around the globe at this year’s E3.  This huge event proved to be another standout venue for Matrix Visual and their mission to always lead with the latest, up-to-date LED technology, this time to help gaming companies connect to customers and display the next big thing.


Be sure to check back with us to view our work at E3 and other conventions, and see how we can help your next event become the next big thing.

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