Donating thousands of PPE masks

By June 17, 2020 No Comments

On March 11th, our government stopped all large gatherings, and our bookings went from a record month to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, it required us to temporarily furlough over 60 employees. After a few days of reflection, we realize some of our core strengths could be leveraged to help others in need.

We are blessed with strong relationships with our suppliers, and we were overwhelmed with the generous support to send protective equipment (PPE) and masks. We also have the logistical resources to quickly deploy gear to show sights around the US. Why not be a positive force in combating this pandemic?

St Joseph’s Hospital of Orange serves our employees, our community, and saves lives. As the Corona Virus cases surged, we began to see the shortages of PPE for our frontline medical workers. We realized we had excess masks and could play a positive role in helping to protect our real Hero’s.

On behalf of Matrix, and our key suppliers including: Unilumin, Aoto, Lamp, Cedar, and QS-tech, it is with great pride that we donate approximately 1000 masks to St Joseph’s Hospital.

Thanks for what you do and stay safe!

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