5 Key Ingredients for Creating an Unforgettable Event for Any Audience

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Whether you’re throwing a festival, convention, or a company party, you want your event to stand out. You can be assured that your guests will be sharing pictures of the event on social media, letting others know what to expect and enticing future patrons to come see what the buzz is all about. So to really punch up the wow factor, it’s helpful to take the following into consideration when throwing an awe-inspiring event:

  1. Location/Venue – Location dictates the whole feel of an event, and can be a major selling point for attendees. The Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio, CA gives the attendees an experience of a lifetime. Festival goers get the freedom of camping close to the event, a broad selection of artists and out-of-this-world LED visual displays to complement a performance. The Sasquatch! Music Festival is extremely well known for its location – its Pacific Northwest views are spectacular. Still others, like Primavera Sound in Barcelona or Austin City Limits in Texas, are well integrated into their urban settings and allow visitors to explore a new place easily. For indoor events, architecture matters. For example, high ceilings reverberate sound – something to keep in mind when planning an indoor event.
  1. Great Entertainment – Most industry experts agree that it’s a balancing act when it comes to programming an event: you want to have something for all of your attendees. You should trust your own intuition when deciding who to book, but you should also keep your finger on the pulse of what’s popular, via Facebook, Twitter, etc. Tastes and trends change rapidly, so timing is a key factor here.
  1. Mind-Blowing Production – Lights and other visuals are just as important as the entertainment. With social media platforms enabling users to immediately share their experience, the visuals at your event are often the first impression people will get. LED panels are now the norm at music festivals and other events, allowing you to bring your message to life through stunning visuals, lighting, and interaction from your attendees.
  1. The Ambiance – Does your event have a theme? Have you given thought to the decor? While decorations may not be the first thing on your list, they are certainly important for setting the overall tone for any event. Color and lighting are also crucial. Bright, warm colors such as red, pink, and yellow stimulate the appetite, while more subdued colors tend to make patrons eat and drink less. If you’re planning an event with food service, these are important things to keep in mind when considering your bottom line. LED indoor displays can help you achieve the right ambiance and change the mood to suit your needs. Other things to consider include: welcome signage, table centerpieces, wall decor, floor runners, and party favors.
  1. Amenities – If people feel comfortable at your event, they’ll want to stay longer and come back to your next one. Some of the basics are refreshments, seating areas, ATMs, and food. But some events go above and beyond, offering phone charging stations, photo booths and other features that are increasingly being seen as necessary.

If you’re going to be planning your next major event, you’ll want to make sure the visual appeal is of the highest caliber. Matrix Visual is one of the top audio visual production companies in Los Angeles and can help take your next event over the edge, creating a lasting impression in your guests’ minds. Explore our site for examples of the truly one-of-a-kind, immersive visual experiences we’ve brought to light recently.

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