TRT iPoster – 2.5mm


Step into visual excellence with the TRT IPOSTER – 2.5MM LED display. Featuring a finely calibrated 2.5mm pixel pitch, it sets a new standard for clarity and detail. Versatile and adaptable, it thrives in various environments, ensuring vibrant imagery and enduring performance. Elevate content presentation with the TRT IPOSTER – 2.5MM, where technological innovation meets visual artistry for impactful experiences.

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  1.  Dimensions1902 mm x 572 mm
  2.  Processor: TRT (on-board) 
  3.  Easily change and save the content on the display from a phone in 10 seconds or less.
  4.  Multiple installations: bracket or base standing, hanging, multi-screen cascade.
  5.  Perfect application at convention centers, meeting rooms, trade shows.
  1. • Pixel Pitch:  2.5mm
  2. • Panel Size: W500mm x H500mm
  3. • Brightness: 800 nits
  4. • Contrast: 4000:1
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