What Makes Matrix Visual Unique?

Ultra Music Festival Video Walls

Today’s world is an explosion of visual information. Our eyes are inundated with a constant stream of images from: billboards, advertisements, TV, Internet, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., and the pace doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Images move through the brain faster than text, so they reach our emotional center right away and create an instant impression.

Technology is playing a bigger role in communication than ever before. We get news from the other side of the world instantaneously, and receive updates on our friends’ activities in real time. So it follows that with the fast pace of info sharing, more of that info would be visual in nature. Animation, videos, photography, infographics; these are going to convey information faster than words can. Images that get the point across in an instant, or that make us go, “Wow, that’s cool,” are going to stick with us, persuade and inform us, and prompt us to share them with others.

Audiences have come to expect a visually powerful experience – whether at concerts or festivals, speeches or presentations, sporting events, product launches, conventions, advertising, and more. LEDs and video walls are almost a mandatory part of stage design today.

To keep up with this demand, many companies have resorted to using overseas manufacturers of LED displays and video walls. Unfortunately, overseas manufacturers cannot provide the consistent and high-quality support needed to keep these high-tech systems running optimally. They run the risk of providing a less-than-perfect experience, and the stakes are too high to potentially have a malfunction ruin your event.

Matrix Visual is able to provide what these other competitors cannot. With over 20 years in the business, Matrix Visual has all the tools you need under one roof: cutting-edge technology scaled to any size and capability, with unmatched engineering and support expertise.

We provide the latest technology in LED panels and video walls, paired with on-site engineering specialists to make sure the overall experience is seamless and enthralling. We believe you only get one opportunity to get it right, so you’ll need the attention and care that only we can provide from the inception stages of your event, through completion, and servicing over time.

What Sets Us Apart

Outdoor Daytime Ultra 2015

There are a number of factors that make Matrix Visual the go-to company for indoor and outdoor LED rental and sales:

Superior Technology – We offer the latest in LED indoor and LED outdoor displays, including Unilumin LED and Absen LED.

  • Unilumin LED has been in the game for over 10 years, and Matrix Visual is an exclusive distributor and service provider of this cutting-edge and industry-leading LED video wall system. Its displays are ultra thin and light. Their aluminum, bezel-free encasement offers seamless assembly, and ease of transport and installation: one person can assemble 60 cabinets in an hour. Their display boasts an extremely high refresh rate, high gray levels, and an unparalleled contrast ratio.
  • Absen LED is a supplier and service provider of value LED displays. Absen offers superior color, grayscale, and brightness. We ensure these units meet the standards of today’s needs with regular service and product cycling.

In a market saturated with competitors vying for the top spot, we’ve built a reputation on several solid pillars that set us apart from the rest of the field. In short, we deliver the full, top-down range of planning, installation, and maintenance services so that your event unfolds seamlessly and creates a magical, lasting impression.

Full-Service AV Production Company
We have a team of technicians who are trained on-site in our California office and know the entire spectrum of AV and LED planning, installation, and service. They will help you install permanent fixtures – whether for storefronts, outdoor signage, or places of worship, or set up temporary ones such as for concerts, trade shows, or other special events. We are also one of the few authorized warranty service centers for top-tier LED displays.

Matrix Visual practices continual inventory cycling so that our technology is always up-to-date. We offer an upgrade program that allows access to the most cutting-edge panels, eliminating the worry of outdated technology. Our national as well as global reach gives us access to the most current trends, so we can always provide the newest products to our customers.

Our Work

Ultra 2015 Night

Our recent work showcases our boundless creativity and our custom-tailored solutions for clients seeking a wide range of installations, each of superior technological caliber and show-stopping visuals.

Special Olympics Projected Field
Matrix Visual created a projected display on a soccer field for the Special Olympics in Los Angeles, one at Staples Center and one at Venice Beach. The effects transformed the fields into interactive arenas for people to play on, where looped images were shown and special visuals were deployed whenever a goal was scored.

Kre8 Media Mobile Billboard
Matrix Visual was called upon to figure out an advertising solution for the Las Vegas company Kre8, an outdoor advertising agency. Together, we developed a truck wrapped in digital billboards – featuring 100 6mm LED panels – a captivating mobile digital billboard.

Matrix Visual has its finger on the pulse of popular music and creates visuals for all of the top performers today. Recent ones include Drake, Imagine Dragons, The Chainsmokers, A$AP Rocky, and Kaskade. On the festival circuit we’ve created displays for the Electric Daisy Carnival and the Keys N Krates Tour, among others.

CES 2016
Matrix Visual took the Consumer Electronics Show by storm in 2016, with two large booths featuring Matrix LED panels. ZTE’s display consisted of nearly 300 panels in a flying display. GoPro used two walls of Matrix LED displays – consisting of 400 panels.

LA Auto Show
Matrix provided displays for some of the tentpole exhibitors at the 2015 LA Auto Show, including Hyundai, Subaru, and Honda. Honda’s imposing, atmospheric display featured 384 outer panels and 265 concave inner panels to form a circle above their show cars. Subaru had us place 100 panels on a turntable, which rotated to reveal a car on the other side.

Our People
All the latest, cutting-edge technology, however, would be meaningless without a dedicated team of technicians to help bring your ideas to fruition. We value long-term partnerships and believe that we are only as good as the last project we work on.

Clients consistently praise our work staff as being equally important to the technology solutions we provide. They use words like “professional” over and over, and view us as hand-in-hand partners who roll with the punches. Our ability to incorporate last-minute changes, which we know are inevitable, ensures our clients’ peace of mind.

The Bottom Line

Drake 2015 (2)

Focus on the fans. The bar is constantly being raised in the field of LED displays. Audiences expect to be delighted and surprised by an all-encompassing audio and visual experiences. We strive to reach every member of the audience and make it an experience that speaks to that individual, one which he or she will want to share on their wall, send to their friends, and remember that moment by. We want nothing short of a memory that lasts a lifetime for fans. With that only one chance to get it right – we pay attention to your needs and vision from the beginning to the end of the process.

Visit our Rentals page to see more about our LED rental options, and explore our site to get a better idea of what sets us apart from the competition, and let us know how we can partner with you to make your next event one for the record books.