Matrix Visual XR Stage
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Stage Specs

LED: Walls Aoto 1.5mm / Ceiling ROE CB3 3mm / Brompton Processing
SERVERS: Unreal Engine / NVIDIA RTX8000 (D3 Servers & E2 also available for pre-rendered content playback)
TRACKING: Mo-sys Startracker
SET: Upstage Screen 29.6’ W x 13.3’ H // Side Screens 15.8’ W x 13.3’ H // Ceiling 23’7” W x 13’9” H
SET: 11904×2592 (back & side walls combined) / 1920×1120 (ceiling)
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AOTO 1.5mm Mini LED
Unilumin 2.6mm UPADIII
ROE BP 2.8mm
ROE BM4 4.7mm Floor