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Meet The Team

Danielle Rico

Quoting Specialist *First Point of Contact*

Danielle is the day to day point of contact between Encore and Matrix Visual Solutions. From building quotes, scheduling labor, and coordinating with Encore staff, Danielle can help navigate through the Matrix Visual organization to make sure that all the right people are involved on your Encore project.

Tom Evans

Director of Business Development

Tom Evans is the operational leader of the Encore support team. A Las Vegas native, steeped with both senior most level sales and technical expertise, Tom is responsible for overseeing every project from concept to execution. An onsite resource, he is able to answer any technical question that comes his way.

Matt Anderson

Technical Director

The newest addition to the Encore support team, and a true production veteran. Matt is able to leverage his immense technical knowledge to ensure every Encore event is perfectly spec’ed, and that all technical factors are taken into consideration before the event loads-in.

Chris “Ninja” Dominguez

LED Technician / Warehouse Supervisor

Ninja is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable individual. His dual role as on-site technical support and warehouse supervisor means that he oversees every cycle of the product’s use. An LED expert, he manages the inbound/outbound and QC process of the Las Vegas warehouse, and ensures that every piece of gear is perfectly maintained and is used properly.

Tom Roche

VP of Sales / Marketing & Responsible for Strategic Partnerships

The senior most member of our team. Tom Roche is responsible for overseeing the entire partnership and all its regions. He regularly meets with Encore senior management to re-assess and improve the terms of the partnership to remain competitive and successful.