Unilumin Upad III Wins WFX Church Facilities Product of The Year

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WFX Unilumin UPAD III Award Winner (2)
Unilumin UPAD III Back

Why purchase Unilumin UPAD III LED Video panels from Matrix Visual?

Today’s churches and places of worship seek to enhance the overall experience with stunning visual images that attract, inspire, and engage the entire congregation.
To accomplish this, many modern churches want to make the switch to LED Video Displays, but there are several common concerns that often dissuade them from doing so.

In the past, Church Technical Directors charged with financial stewardship have opted for projection because LED panels have been traditionally more expensive.  This is no longer true.

The Unilumin UPAD III has superior technology, reliability and longer-term sustainability than LED panels of just a few years ago, and yet it costs less!

Projection equipment often requires repair, which means employing a technician to visit your church, or sending parts away while they’re being fixed.  LED panels are much more reliable, and don’t breakdown as often, however some models can require downtime or incur additional costs to repair or update.

Unilumin’s New UPAD III LED Panel is built using a strong, reliable, light-weight magnetic frame with “tool-free” locks that allow for a single engineer to assemble, disassemble, or swap out panels. The modules are also rear accessible, allowing quick replacement in a permanent installation environment.

To stay relevant and keep things fresh, many churches share a desire for change, and the need for new creative sets as seasons pass, or as Holidays approach.  Until now, a permanent LED installation was exactly that: permanent, and therefore rigid.  Today: versatility, ease of set-up and arrangement are new influences driving the growth of new panel designs.

Unilumin’s Upad III LED Panel features patented angle block technology, allowing curvature up to 10% concave and 5% convex, as well as unmatched versatility in a live-stage environment.  Its climbable panel structure makes assembly and disassembly fast and efficient, and without the need for tools. Owners can easily adapt their stage set-up on their own.

Sustainability: The Test of Time.
Anytime we buy a monitor, television, or any device with a screen these days, getting the highest resolution is one of our biggest concerns.  This is also true when purchasing LED panels. With LED panels, however, “resolution” is referred to as “pixel pitch”, which is measured in mm.  The smaller the number, the more crisp and clear the image will be.

Upad III offers a pixel pitch variety ranging from 2.6mm to 6.9mm. This means that a viewer would have to be within 2-6 meters of the LED panel to notice a degradation in image quality.  For most Churches, the distance from the stage to the audience is much larger than 6 meters, which means the Upad III already offers resolution that is superior to what the space requires.


The UPad III is supported by two of the most reputable companies in the Industry: Unilumin Manufacturing Group, and Matrix Visual, one of the fastest growing LED Rental, Sales and Technical Service Providers in the United States!

Matrix Visual are Veterans in Church & Worship Production

See our LED panels in action, and learn more about the many ways we can help enhance your congregation’s experience.

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