The Key To My Success As An LED Rental Professional

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After two decades, how an A/V professional's passion continues to guide his career

Matrix Visual Solutions would like to welcome Darren Moffett as their new National Account Manager. An A/V professional since 1998, Moffett will be in charge of developing new relationships with major event production accounts across the country, and increasing those account’s production services through LED displays.

Darren is an all rounded expert with knowledge of the AV world that goes beyond video displays. Well versed in audio, projection, and lighting, Moffett will be the true technical expert that his clients have been waiting to meet. He will be able to comfortably recommend LED solutions that perfectly integrate with the overall production.

A true thrill seeker, Moffett began his career in the A/V world by working on creative solutions for extreme sport giants: Red Bull, Nitro Circus, and the X-Games. “I decided to use my passion for action sports as the launch pad for my career” he explained.

With a career that brought him to some of the largest companies in the industry, such as VER and GoVision, Darren Moffett is undoubtedly recognized as one of the most passionate expert in the A/V world. His love for the event world is second to known, and being able to continue to grow in the industry became a major factor when it was time to look for a new horizon.    

Darren Moffett made it clear that the chance to grow the business on a national level without being restricted by sales territories was essential in his decision to join Matrix Visual Solutions. “While I believe that sales territories have a lot of benefits, they can be very restrictive, especially in the AV world where events matter more than location” he added.


When looking at the future, and where he believes true gems can be found, the National Account Manager clearly identified the E-sports market as a major hub for opportunities. “If you look at the budget these E-sport productions have, you would be crazy not to try and connect with them. They have a real need for high resolution LED walls because of their broadcast qualities, and with prices coming down, they are now more than ever willing to integrate large scale LED wall solutions to their production designs.”

The addition of Darren Moffett is a significant investment to further enhance Matrix Visual Solutions’ business development. The company has been growing nonstop since 2016, and the addition of the new National Account Manager is a clear sign that the Orange County LED rental company has no intention to slow down its growth in the A/V world.

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