Matrix Visual will continue its commitment of investment and growth in the United States following a decision to modify the nature of its partnership with Shenzhen Unilumin Group Co. Ltd. For the past 18 months, Matrix Visual had been the sole U.S. distributor for the rental and staging line of Unilumin manufactured products, including LED Video Panels.

During their exclusive partnership, Matrix Visual and Unilumin quickly became a driving force in the U.S. LED Video Panel industry, helping each other surpass their growth, market expansion, and brand awareness goals. Both companies also saw great increases in sales and rental volume as well. Matrix Visual has seized lots of market share with Unilumin’s newly launched and latest technology – UpadIII, which was recognized as Best New Product of the Year for 2016 by WFX Magazine. Matrix Visual was also the only global distributor to receive two project excellence awards: an honor presented by Unilumin to recognize Matrix Visual for their exceptional commitment to customer service and innovation.

Despite their shared level of success, both companies aspire to reach new heights. Matrix Visual has observed an ever-increasing demand among Event Production companies in the U.S. for new, inventive products to be released on an almost seasonal basis. The need for a wider choice of products, along with Unilumin needing the opportunity to thoroughly develop the U.S. market by having multiple points of distribution, compelled the companies to rethink the “exclusive” nature of their relationship.

“The speed of advancement needed to satisfy the demands of our growing customer base, requires we source product from several LED Video Panel manufacturers” said Paul Motal, Matrix Visual Owner – Orange, California. “By simply removing the exclusivity of our partnership with Unilumin, we are free to offer customers LED Panels that are “best-of-brand” across a variety of manufacturers. Unilumin will certainly remain at the top of this very selective, hand-picked list. The exclusive partnership we shared is the very foundation that each company will continue building upon.”

“It’s been great to work with Matrix Visual for the past 18 months, and they did a great job promoting the Unilumin brand and products in the U.S. market. However, both parties believe they can benefit even more, by slightly shifting the model of our cooperation with one another. The rental market is changing rapidly and requires a new business model to succeed. One component of our success that will never change is to provide innovative and qualified products, as well as timely service. This year will see us build a greater service network in the U.S. to better support all our customers”, said Steven Wu, General Manager of Unilumin Display Division.

As Matrix Visual and Unilumin continue to support each other, this evolved, open relationship should serve to accelerate growth and benefit both organizations even more.

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