Live Design International (LDI) is the gathering place for live design professionals, with exclusive new product demos, innovative designs and key decision makers all in one place.

This year, the Unilumin / Matrix Visual booth at LDI will be a rare opportunity for designers and buyers to speak to both the manufacturer and distributors of Unilumin LED panels. Together, the partners will be able to provide detailed specifics on product creation, testing, design potential and logistics.


It’s also a chance for attendees to see the newest Unilumin Upad III products. The Upad III has been recognized as one of the most innovative products of the LED industry in 2016, and two models in the series will be displayed on the floor at LDI this month. The booth design will feature a large wall and LED tile strips that show off the elegance and flexibility of both the Upad III 2.6mm, an Indoor LED Panel, and the Upad III 4.8mm, an outdoor LED panel with a pixel pitch of 2.6mm and 4.8mm respectively. Both feature climbable structures and can be configured into both concave and convex arrangements, and can be set up and struck by a single technician.

LDI will be taking place

October 21-23, 2016
At the Las Vegas Convention Center

You can find Matrix Visual & Unilumin at

Booth #2125

Friday (10am-5pm)
Saturday (10am-5pm)
Sunday (10am-3pm)


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