Unilumin Upad III – 4.8mm

Product Description

Introducing the Unilumin Upad III – 4.8mm LED display, where precision meets brilliance. With its 4.8mm pixel pitch, this display redefines visual impact, delivering immersive experiences with remarkable clarity. Elevate your presentations, events, and content with a display that captivates and inspires. Designed to blend seamlessly into any setting, the Upad III – 4.8mm combines innovation with versatility, making it ideal for various applications. Illuminate your visuals and transform spaces with the power of Unilumin technology. Explore our client work to see our products in action.

  1. Processor: Novastar
  2. Dimensions: 500×500
  3. Panel supports both convex & concave curving installation
  4. Rear-accessible and magnetic module design
  5. Modular designed power supply and receiving card
  6. Winner of the 2016 WFX New Product Award for outstanding performance



Pixel Pitch 4.8mm
Panel Size W500m×H500mm×D86mm
Brightness 5000 nits(black face) 5500 nits(black body)
Contrast 5000:1(black face) 3000:1(black body)




Additional information

Weight 20.28 lbs
Dimensions 3.39 × 19.69 × 19.69 in