Unilumin Upad III – 4.8mm


Introducing the Unilumin Upad III – 4.8mm LED display, where precision meets brilliance. With its 4.8mm pixel pitch, this display redefines visual impact, delivering immersive experiences with remarkable clarity. Elevate your presentations, events, and content with a display that captivates and inspires. Designed to blend seamlessly into any setting, the Upad III – 4.8mm combines innovation with versatility, making it ideal for various applications. Illuminate your visuals and transform spaces with the power of Unilumin technology. 

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  1. • Processor:2.6mm
  2. • Panel Dimensions:500mm × 500mm 
  3.  Panel supports both convex & concave curving installation
  4.  Rear-accessible and magnetic module design
  5.  Modular designed power supply and receiving card
  6.  Winner of the 2016 WFX New Product Award for outstanding performance
  1. • Pixel Pitch4.8mm
  2. • Panel Size: W500m×H500mm×D86mm
  3.  Brightness: 5000 nits(black face) 5500 nits(black body)
  4. Contrast: 5000:1(black face) 3000:1(black body)
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