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July 2018

Gatorade LED Cube

Event Highlights July 2018

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Every month, Matrix Visual provides Audio / Visual and LED Panel solutions for dozens of events, then hand picks a few to highlight and share. These "marquee events" show the breadth and range of applications the hardware in the Matrix Visual warehouse can provide, along with the technical expertise and...
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LED Floor Set-up

Solving LED Floors

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Integrating your floor with the rest of your stage LED floor tiles are quickly becoming hot commodities. Their ability to create fully interactive floors, immersive tunnels and grand entrances is key in today's world where experiential events matters ever more. These tiles come in many shapes and forms, but some...
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Guardians Floor 2017

Setting up an LED Floor

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It is more than just plug and play Using an LED floor is a great way to showcase some of the most incredible visuals around. It is fast becoming a very popular option for production companies, but there are many things to take into account when setting up an LED...
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