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LED Floor Set-up

Integrating your floor with the rest of your stage

LED floor tiles are quickly becoming hot commodities. Their ability to create fully interactive floors, immersive tunnels and grand entrances is key in today’s world where experiential events matters ever more.

These tiles come in many shapes and forms, but some of the most difficult part about using them… is how to hide them!

Due to their size, laying the tiles flat on the ground means that you will either need to raise your entire stage by six inches, or risk a fall or injury by leaving them exposed.

Floor Tile Set Up
Floor Tile Height

What if you do not want someone to fall?

With so much on your mind already, the last thing you want is an injury, So what is the best way to solve the issue of raised LED panels?

A very useful way to incorporate your LED floor with the rest of your stage is to use custom ramps, which not only prevent people from tripping or falling form the tile, but also lets you get creative and even drive vehicles on top.

These ramps, most often built by layering and shaping large segments of rubber, can be a good solution to a temporary problem. Indeed, building these ramps out of rubber means that they are very hard to re-use and usually require to be made all over again for the next show.

The Solution?

A more effective way to incorporate your LED floor might actually be to use steel. Steel is more durable than rubber, and as long as you have your corner pieces, it is only a matter of how many pieces you need for the length and the width.

Matrix Visual recently used steel ramps for its LED floors and it was a hit! For a company that works on shows across the country, it is essential to reduce uncertainties, and using steel ramps makes preparing for a show much faster.

The need for LED floors is growing in the production industry, and the issue of integrating them with the rest of the stage cannot be ignored. While raising the entire stage is a solution, it is not the most practical for companies that produce show after show across the country.

The versatility of small interlocking steel ramps might very well become the norm in the coming years and solve some of the structural issue of using LED floors.

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LED Floor Assembly (2)
Rubber ramps are custom made and cannot be used again if a show uses a different configuration
Corner sections (rubber or steel) do not need to be changed, and can be used over and over again.
LED Floor Assembly
Another example of the size of custom built rubber ramps
ATT Dream in Black Floor LED
Steel corner pieces can be used over and over
Individual steel sections can be added or removed to fit the current floor size.
These steel sections are reusable, and ultra durable, making them the best choice for production companies using floor LED across the country

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