Setting up an LED Floor

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Guardians Floor 2017

It is more than just plug and play

Using an LED floor is a great way to showcase some of the most incredible visuals around. It is fast becoming a very popular option for production companies, but there are many things to take into account when setting up an LED floor.

Floor Leveling:

One common information that is missing when you spec a show is whether the floor is level? Just because a stage appears level to the eye, does not mean it is level when you lay dozens of panels across a large surface area. When doing so, you are bound to have issues.

This floor leveling is critical because the slightest gap between the panels can create unsightly seams and become a hazard. To combat this, Matrix Visual uses an LED panels with four adjustable legs with a 2 inch play.


While having a level floor is crucial, it is also very important to understand the surface the LED panels will be resting on. A flat linoleum stage will not be affected by weight, while a padded carpet floor will sink when weight is added.

ADA / Fire Regulations:

Whenever you build any sort of staging, it is very important to understand and follow the ADA guidelines and fire code. LED floors, and particularly interactive floors, are no different and it is just as important to follow those regulations.

To best prepare yourself, visit the ADA website, and familiarize yourself with the latest regulation.

Is using an LED floor really that hard?

LED floors are no more complicated than any other type of A/V production. The main difference is that they require special considerations that do not apply to a flown LED wall or a ground supported single row of tiles.

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LED Floor Active
Raising the stage 6 inches is the standard way to integrate the LED panels with the floor.
LED Floor and Walls
Sunk LED panels allow the audience to become fully immersed in the potential of LED
Round LED Floor
Gradual slopes is a way to meet ADA standards and prevent hazardous user of LED panels

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