Matrix Visual Announces NEW Exclusive Partnership with Unilumin Group

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Unilumin PR

Orange, CA (January 1, 2016) – Effective immediately, Matrix Visual “The Premier supplier of LED displays in the US,“ has agreed to join forces with Unilumin Group as their exclusive U.S. distributor. Matrix is the fastest growing LED distributor in the U.S., specializing in the rental, sales, and service of large scale LED walls. Together they will be a powerful force focused on servicing the U.S. Rental and Staging industry. This blockbuster partnership unites two of the fastest growing companies focused on creating incremental value for their customers.

After almost four years, Matrix has decided to part ways with its existing manufacturing partner. “It became apparent that the two companies were headed in different directions,” says Matrix Owner Paul Motal. “We will continue to support a couple of their top models that meet our strict standards, but I was blown away with Unilumin’s quality, value, and investment in future innovation.” Matrix Visual and Unilumin Group’s partnership is founded on common goals and values. “We spent a year meeting with the top Chinese Manufacturers. It became apparent it was in the best interests of our customers to make the move.”

Unilumin Group was founded in 2004 and has quickly grew into one of the top global LED manufacturers. Their award-winning pursuit of excellence through rigorous quality control and investment in new product development represents a clear alignment between visions. “They share the same goal of offering our customers the best quality, value, and service in the industry,” says Motal. In 2015, Unilumin acquired 100% shares of ROE Visual Co. increasing its market share in the Global Rental and Staging market. Unilumin’s ambitious growth strategy for the U.S. market called for a large and reliable distributor with which to partner, creating a strategic fit. The two companies see this as a timely relationship through which to grow together.

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