Matrix Visual Recently Removed its Exclusivity with Unilumin, Leaving the Company Free to Work with other Top Manufacturers of LED Products

After their recent announcement removing exclusivity with LED manufacturer Unilumin, Matrix Visual has begun an extensive international search to stock their warehouse with the newest technology from the top world-class manufacturers. In today’s ever evolving event production market, no single LED panel manufacturer has the time or resources to satisfy the diverse customer demand for product assortment, quality, and innovation.

In the past two weeks, Matrix Visual has already opened potential relations with multiple industry leading manufacturers such as Infiled, YesTech, Uniview, Lightlink, ROE, Novastar, and Liantronics in search of the most cutting-edge LED products.

“We won’t stop until we stock the best LED panel in each and every category,” noted Matrix Visual Owner Paul Motal, adding that this demonstrates the company’s relentless pursuit to lead the industry with the largest variety of the best LED products available.

Matrix Visual continues to upgrade the essential equipment that has been the cornerstone of the LED industry for the past decade: flat or curved indoor and outdoor panels with easy setup, servicing and programming. But Matrix Visual is also striving to offer the innovative technology of the future such as LED spheres, cylinders, floors, and tables. This combination of efforts demonstrates that Matrix Visual is dedicated to providing customers with the most advanced and diverse LED panel inventory in the marketplace.

Understanding that their customers are trendsetters themselves, Matrix Visual is ready to spearhead and lead this new frontier with their proprietary inventory recycling program and best-of-brand products. As Motal put it, “Today’s innovators are tomorrow’s standard.”

With this shift in focus, customers now have the opportunity to easily outsource and rent the best LED products from the best manufacturers, all in one place. Matrix Visual has made it possible to create visually dominating experiences without needing to invest in equipment that runs the risk of obsolescence.

From upgrade options as the newest equipment is released, to their industry leading customer service and technical support team, Matrix Visual is making this the most exciting time ever in this new world of creative applications.

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