Create a lucrative new revenue stream by offering the latest LED Panel technology available.

Are you a Production Company or Rental Provider loaded with great audio, lighting and staging, but outdated monitors, projectors, and video screens?

Have you noticed the huge upsurge in the LED Screen market in the past 5 years, but don’t have the budget to invest in the game, or the space to warehouse large inventory? Perhaps you’re still building composite videos walls out of dated LCD monitors?

Above: The old way of creating a video wall. LCD monitors were propped together, resulting in a composite image with seams running through it. LCD monitors are also not engineered to be viewed from long-range distances like LED Panels are.

Matrix Visual provides a highly adoptable turn-key solution.

The Matrix Visual Cross-Rental Affiliate Program allows your company to start offering state-of-the-art LED Panel rentals NOW, with no large, upfront investment, and no need to house your own inventory.


As your B2B wholesale supplier, Matrix Visual does all the heavy lifting so you can focus on sales while cultivating or maintaining customer relationships.

Best of all, you and your customers get access to years of hands-on experience and industry-leading tech support included in every transaction. 

Gain an edge on your competitors, without a large investment of capital or time. Be empowered to offer the best solutions available today!

Challenges you may be facing:

  • Searching for new revenue streams but hesitant to invest capital in fast-changing Technology.
  • Strapped with outdated inventory of video solutions.
  • Risk losing customers to other leading-edge vendors who can offer state-of-the-art LED Panels.
  • Require a trustworthy, dependable partner that can make it easy to sell, rent, and service this new business opportunity.

Solutions Matrix Visual provides:

  • A proprietary inventory cycling program offers you a large assortment of the latest LED models, perfect for any event: indoor or outdoor.
  • LED Panels are 3x brighter and clearly more visible than traditional LCD monitors.
  • LED Tiles are seamlessly attached with ease, creating a single composite image scalable to any size.
  • Matrix Visual provides in-house training and tech-support to help your team scale with this ever-growing market.

ACT NOW and outsource your LED Video demand to Matrix Visual.

It’s the perfect complement to your current product portfolio.

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