Matrix Visual MV5 – 5.9mm

Product Description

Unleash the future of visual innovation with the Matrix Visual MV5 – 5.9mm LED display. Featuring a meticulously calibrated 5.9mm pixel pitch, this display offers a perfect blend of clarity and impact, ensuring visuals are rendered with remarkable precision and depth.

From corporate presentations to dynamic events, the Matrix Visual MV5 – 5.9mm transforms spaces into captivating visual experiences, engaging audiences with vibrant and lifelike imagery. Designed with meticulous craftsmanship, this display seamlessly integrates into various environments, delivering high refresh rates and color accuracy that guarantee exceptional visuals, even from close viewing distances. Beyond its captivating visuals, the Matrix Visual MV5 – 5.9mm embodies cutting-edge engineering, ensuring energy-efficient operation and enduring performance. Elevate your content delivery and captivate your viewers with the exceptional Matrix Visual MV5 – 5.9mm, where technological excellence converges with visual artistry to redefine the boundaries of displays. Explore our client work to see our products in action.

  1. Processor: Novastar
  2. Dimensions: 500×1000 & 500×500
  3. Upgraded economy outdoor option
  4. Die-casting aluminum cabinet
  5. Super bright 5,000 nits
  6. Modular lightweight panel with fast locking system
  7. Touring carts for a quick and easy build



Pixel Pitch 5.9mm
Panel Size W500mm×H500mm×D90mm OR  W500mm×H1000mm×D90mm
Brightness 5500 nits
Contrast 5000:1

Additional information

Weight 28.66 lbs
Dimensions 3.14 × 19.69 × 39.37 in