The Partnership Between Matrix Visual and Unilumin has Allowed Both Companies to Grow and Succeed

After their recent change to become nonexclusive, Matrix Visual would like to take a moment to recognize their successful partnership with Unilumin, which has allowed both companies to grow as dominant forces in the LED industry.

During the exclusive partnership, Unilumin demonstrated integrity and the ability to deliver first-to-market product innovation. This was most evident with the release of their Upad III series, which earned industry recognition when it was awarded WFX Best New LED Product of 2016. The Upad III has been a U.S. market success and continues to be a bestselling model at Matrix Visual.

Unilumin’s product quality has allowed Matrix Visual clients to put on countless events with masterful perfection. Having exemplified their ability to quickly produce innovative LED panels by being first-to-market with a stable, mid 2mm pixel pitch, Matrix Visual is excited to see the future development of more industry leading LED products by Unilumin. Matrix Visual Owner Paul Motal stated, “Their ethics and integrity are first class and evident in their people. The U.S. team has been stellar.”

Despite their many accomplishments, both companies recognized their continual need to grow, understanding that Matrix Visual needed to broaden their portfolio and product inventory, while Unilumin needed to increase their points of distribution and service. Paul Motal went on to say, “The biggest difference in our Industry is the people behind the brands. As we open up new relationships, it’s important to recognize our ongoing partnerships that have helped us build our company. The Unilumin Technicians will continue to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our Engineers to ensure we provide our mutual Customers the best possible service and support.”

Moving forward, Matrix Visual is excited to take on partnerships with more industry leading LED manufacturing companies, and they are confident their relationship with Unilumin will remain strong and continue to grow. Matrix Visual and their ongoing global search for the best of brand LED products is well under way as they continue to lead with innovation and excellence.

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