Matrix Visual Holds New Product Showcase Featuring “Best of LED Brands” Products from Multiple Manufacturers

The Showcase, Which was Held in July, Featured Plenty of Eye-Catching Visual Displays and More

Matrix Visual was proud to hold their Summer Product Showcase this July, demonstrating the newest, cutting-edge LED panel products from some of the industry’s best manufacturers.

To see photos and video from the recent showcase, please visit:

The showcase attendance was strong and there was genuine buzz in the air, with participants ranging from audio/video equipment coordinators, creative stage and set producers, and event production directors from some of the top A/V Companies in the Southern California entertainment Industry.

Stunning visual displays filled the Matrix Visual LED Warehouse & Design Center in Orange, CA, with state-of-the-art LED panels from Unilumin, Roe, InfiLED, Desay, Absen and more.

“The award winning Unilumin UPad III continues to be our flagship LED panel in the 2.6mm category, but we are focused on expanding the range of equally innovative products from other manufacturers as well,” said Tom Roche, VP of Sales & Marketing.

Some examples are the new ROE Outdoor Creative Vanish Transparent Mesh 25 and InfiLED Flex X Cylinders & S Waves. Matrix Visual wanted to showcase their ever growing inventory and capable applications for delivering unrivaled performances.

By stocking and offering LED products that are the forefront of innovation, Matrix Visual wants to inspire creativity with display possibilities that were previously unthinkable. After a unanimously positive reaction from all who attended, Matrix Visual says that this event will be the “first of many” as they continue focusing their efforts on scouring the globe to stock their warehouse with the best-of-brand products.

With plenty of Matrix Visual LED product showcases on the horizon, participants and potential customers can look forward to witnessing live demonstrations of their product of interest. From meeting the experienced technicians that support each and every product, to engaging in collaborative discussions that inspire new ideas, Matrix Visual is dedicated to moving the LED industry needle forward. Matrix Visual continues to offer unmatched tiered rental programs and purchase options, making it easier than ever to utilize cutting-edge visual displays with the best LED panels available.

“Innovation is the lifeblood of the production industry, and Matrix Visual is excited to continue being the premier supplier of state-of-the-art LED displays. We are always pushing the envelope in order to give our customers the ability to bring their vision to life with a perfect, cost-effective audio/visual experience delivered flawlessly every time, on time,” Roche said.

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