Thanks to Variant Displays, Matrix Visual was able to showcase at this year’s PAX West, the brilliance of Gygabite’s Aorus product line thanks to the highly efficient ROE Black Pearl 3.9mm. The high contrast in colors were perfectly rendered by the LED panel, and the overall booth was a great attraction for all attendees.

Right outside the convention center though, we provided the LED support for the live streaming of the Fortnite Grand Finals. Considering the size, over 88 ft wide, and how close the audience was, we relied on the ROE CB5 5.7mm panel to bring excitement to the dozens of fans of the popular battle royale game.

Fortnite Event 2018 (4)
Fortnite Event 2018 (3)
Aorus 2018 (9)
Aorus 2018 (7)
Aorus 2018 (6)
Aorus 2018 (3)