Matrix Visual proudly unveils the next tool in your utility belt – the Matrix Visual LED Panel Calculator.

With both the tech and the event planner in mind, the LED experts at Matrix Visual teamed up with software developers to custom create the Matrix Visual LED Panel Calculator. The Calculator lets you select any LED screen available in the Matrix Visual inventory, then customize it with your project specs to get the following calculations for your LED wall:

• Dimensions
• Weight
• Aspect ratio
• Pixels
• Power requirements

When you find a configuration you like, you can submit it directly to the Matrix team for pricing.

Mobile-friendly design gives it the feel of a native smartphone or tablet app, and makes it easy to do a quick calculation or submit a quote request from anywhere on your iPad, Android, iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel…or virtually any smart tablet or phone.


To Use the Matrix Visual LED Panel Calculator

1: Enter your specs.

First, select your product category from the drop down menu at the top left, followed by the specific LED product on the right.  Next, choose your units of measurement (in either feet, meters or tiles) and dimensions using the slider below, or check “override” to enter your own values.


2: See calculations in real time.

Get an output of final dimensions, weight, pixels and aspect ratio, plus a calculation of total power required for the project. Toggle easily between voltages and phases to adjust the amperage in real time.


3: Get a quote.

When you’re satisfied with your customization, you can submit a quote request with the click of a button. Add an unlimited number of configurations to your quote list!


Try your hand at the Matrix Visual LED Panel Calculator:

Visit our products page, and scroll down to the bottom to access the calculator


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