Festivals and LED Outdoor Panels: The Perfect Match

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With over 800 musical festivals in the U.S. alone, and counting, the popularity of music festivals like Coachella is undeniable. As music festivals become more popular, there’s going to be a greater need for the best and brightest technology, including, of course, LED outdoor panels.

Here are some reasons the festival phenomenon isn’t going away any time soon, and why you’ll want to consider switching to LED outdoor panels for your next stage show installation:

Younger Audiences – Millennials are the driving force behind the festival phenomenon. They love moments that are shareable and unique, and music festivals are the embodiment of the kind of experience that young people love.  Young people seek out “curated” moments that reflect their individuality. A music festival is the perfect opportunity for this: Patrons can choose which acts they want to see. So, even though there are thousands of people there, they can feel like they’re having their own unique experience.


Social Media Buzz – Music festivals are a great opportunity for artists to boost their visibility. Festival-goers want to be able to share a visually incredible moment on Snapchat or Facebook, and, the better the visuals, the more widely those images will be shared.

Great Source of Revenue – Music festivals are big business. In 2014, Coachella grossed $78 million over both weekends; the Austin City Limits festival took in $38 million that same year.1 In Britain, in 2008, live music shows generated more revenue than recorded music.2 Additionally, bands stand to make a lot more money playing festivals rather than tours. When Outkast toured on their own in 2001, they generated $4.8 million playing 46 shows. When they went on the festival circuit in 2014, they played 40 shows and made $60 million.3 So, major acts stand to make major bucks at festivals and they’ll need impressive, easy-to-install LED displays to accompany their shows.


LED outdoor panels are a perfect match for the festival scene. They’re lightweight, transparent, mesh structure allows wind to pass through easily, meaning big LED walls will remain stable in windy conditions. In fact, even though adverse weather conditions may be the Achilles heel of music festivals, LED panels are built to withstand all types of weather and include UV protection from dust, rain and the sun.  Inclement weather can also negatively impact outdoor visibility as well, which is why Outdoor LED screens are four times brighter than indoor LED.

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