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In what was one of the most highly praised Coachellas in recent years,

Matrix Visual came out swinging and delivered on its promise: to provide stunning LED displays for some of the most up and coming artists at the festival. With two wildly successful LED outdoor installations at performances by The Chainsmokers and Halsey, Matrix continues to lead the field in providing the visual component to some of the biggest names in music today.

For both performances, Matrix’s involvement was a model of efficiency. For the Chainsmokers’ show, Matrix provided an LED wall that consisted of over one  hundred 7mm panels on a set designed by Gallageher. Using only three Matrix technicians, they had the LED wall ready to go in 10 minutes, well within the 30-minute timeframe for setting up each show. At the end, they struck the show in an hour and had the truck loaded in two hours. They accomplished this feat of efficiency by preparing for two weeks beforehand, building the set offsite and attending rehearsals.

The Chainsmokers’ show

featured an upbeat lineup of special guests including Walk the Moon, Third Eye Blind, Tiesto, G-Eazy, Daya, and Rozes. Billboard magazine called the show “a tremendous new stage production set up” with the artists “perched atop their three-tiered LED rig.” Clearly, the stage setup made an impact: the show was called one of the “11 best moments from Coachella 2016.1

Chainsmokers' at Coachella 2016, with LED Panels provided by Matrix Visual

The Chainsmokers’ at Coachella 2016, with LED Panels provided by Matrix Visual

For Halsey’s show

One of Matrix’s many experienced techs handled the setup of the LED panels and projection by himself, and had the stage ready in 15 minutes. The setup included two 30k Barco projectors, and 47 – 7mm panels. Halsey brought out special guest Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco, in a performance that was also named one of the 11 best moments at the festival.

Halsey at Coachella 2016, with LED Panels provided by Matrix Visual

Halsey at Coachella 2016, with LED Panels provided by Matrix Visual

The stage set up for Halsey was also praised in OC Weekly’s article “Shining a Light on the Visual Experts of Coachella”, where author Nate Jackson noted:

“Under the natural lights of the desert sky, the clacks and booms of synth percussion fire in time with floating light rays and plumes of digital blue and magenta smoke drifting up massive LED screens and steel 3D contraptions.”2

The festival was a major success for Matrix Visual and they’ll continue to provide the latest technology and highest-quality setup and maintenance to make sure that musicians are able to keep pushing the boundaries for music performances everywhere.

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