The Brain Behind The Machine

LED panels aren’t the only ones doing the work, they need matching video processors to control the visual display.

See For Yourslef

Designing The Future of Event Production

Brompton SX40


State of The Art 4k Processing

SX40 combines Tessera’s industry-leading feature set and easy-to-use software interface with our highest-ever capacity processor.

Total Bandwidth: 4K

Inputs: 12G-SDI, HDMI 2.0

Feature: Advanced Color Correction Features

Scaling: Built-In Scaler

Brompton S4


Ease of Use & Outstanding Technology

The S4 is a perfect combination of power and value. The S4 delivers all the flexibility of the Tessera system in a rugged and compact 1U package.

Total Bandwidth: HD

Inputs: DVI

Feature: Advanced Color Correction Features

Scaling: Not Built-In

Novastar 4K

Novastar MCTRL-4K

One Processor To Rule Them All

Real 4k, High contrast ration, and High Dynamic Range. Raising the bar in 4k processing.

Total Bandwidth: 4k

Inputs: DP 1.2, HDMI 2.0, Dual DVI

Feature: Advanced Color Reproduction & Mapping*

Scaling: Not Built-In

Novastar ProHD

Novastar Pro-HD

Flagship of A New Generation

Powerful in image processing, professional in image control and friendly in user-interface.

Total Bandwidth: Full HD


Feature: DMX512 & GenLock Interface

Scaling: Built-In Scaler


Novastar MCTRL-660

The Standard in LED Processing

The latest independent master controller of NovaStar. A true workhorse with immense capabilities.

Total Bandwidth: Standard HD

Inputs: HDMI, DVI

Feature: Industry Standard LED Processor

Scaling: Not Built-In


* When associated with A-Series receiving cards *


A State of The Art Sidekick

Developed by ROE to get the best out of these incredible displays

Total Bandwidth: ~570,440 pixels / port

Inputs: HDMI, DVI

Feature: Set up for use with both ROE BP3.9mm & CB8

Scaling: Not Built-In

DB Star-HVT11

Simplicity Above All

A cost-effective processor to match a cost-effective LED display solution

Total Bandwidth: 2048 x 640 (dual ports)

Inputs: DVI

Feature: Budget Friendly With Proven Flexibility

Scaling: Not Built-in

Cycling Inventory

Technology moves at such speed that we periodically cycle our inventory to keep our LED state of the art.

Solution Driven

LED panels are designed to turn an LED display into a problem solver, not a problem make.

Strategic Presence

Our multiple offices allow us to drive down shipping cost and open our inventory to the largest hubs in the country.