The Quasar stage, boasting a staggering 100-foot width, captivates with its imposing presence, accentuated by towering monolithic walls and an array of cutting-edge LED screens, all graciously provided by Matrix Visual. These state-of-the-art displays serve as the canvas for an immersive visual experience, transforming the stage into a dynamic landscape of light and color.

At the heart of this architectural marvel lies an innovative triangular DJ setup, meticulously crafted to offer a futuristic interpretation of traditional stage layouts. This visionary design, aptly coined a “digital scenic,” represents a bold step forward in the evolution of festival stages, promising to set a new standard for immersive performance environments.

The realization of the Quasar stage within an astonishingly brief five-week timeline speaks volumes about the exceptional synergy and dedication of the collaborative effort. From the creative minds at Vita Motus to the meticulous execution by the Coachella production team, alongside the invaluable contributions of esteemed vendors and visionary artists, every aspect of the project reflects a harmonious convergence of talent and expertise.

Among the renowned artists who graced the Quasar stage during Weekend 1 were Honey Dijon, Green Velvet, Jamie XX, and Floating Points, delivering electrifying performances that complemented the stage’s captivating visuals. As festival-goers were enveloped by the electrifying ambiance of the Quasar stage, they bore witness to more than just a remarkable display of technology and artistry—they became part of a transformative experience that transcended boundaries and set the stage for a new era of immersive entertainment.