ROE Black Onyx – 3.4mm

Product Description

  1. Durable and Strong – ROE design process, and magnesium alloy frames ensures longevity and quality.
  2. Fast and Simple Setup – Efficient magnet installation for automatic positioning and smart locking system.
  3. Intelligent Modules – Each module within a panel stores separately the calibration and operating parameters.
  4. LED Protection – Edge-care tile design allows for safe packing and shipping.
  5. Superb Visuals – True to content display effects with high refresh rates, great color processing, and outstanding contrast ratios.
  6. Highly Efficient – With 90% power supply efficiency, and a built-in heat sink, wasted energy no longer applies.
  7. Easy Maintenance – With a push-out module and identical design to the Black Pearl, maintenance is a breeze.
Pixel Pitch 3.4mm
Panel Size W500m×H500mm×D90mm
Brightness 1500 nits
Contrast 5000:1

Additional information

Weight 20.61 lbs
Dimensions 3.54 × 19.69 × 19.69 in