From summer blockbuster films that gross $1 billion worldwide to hit songs that have everyone humming along, the entertainment biz has a massive influence in shaping contemporary culture. But if you’re involved in this thriving industry, you realize that entertainment production is never a one-person affair at any level; it’s a collaborative effort that can involve literally thousands of individuals working toward a common goal. When you need a collaborator to help with an entertainment production, consider Matrix Visual.

Their team of highly skilled audio-visual service experts can provide the technical support you need to make your next event a dynamic, sensory experience for all in attendance. Whether you’re organizing a festive award show honoring high-achieving entertainers or putting together a movie premiere, Matrix can help. Their world-class LED video display walls—perfect for projecting high-quality graphics—will give your big event a major boost. Matrix Visual has an inventory of 2000 LED displays for rent, which means you have access to a huge resource for creating a custom solution that your big night deserves.

Matrix Visual does more than just rent and sell audio-visual equipment—their team can supply on-site technical service to ensure that everything runs smoothly until it’s time to turn off the lights and go home.

Matrix Visual provides high-quality LED displays and related technology to the following types of entertainment productions and events:

  • Music Videos
  • Award Shows
  • Movie Premieres
  • TV Premieres
  • Red Carpet Events
  • Commercials

Contact Matrix Visual for your next Entertainment Industry Event.